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fabrics & finishes


Our fabrics are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, offering supportive and comfortable active wear. We have a wide range of fabrics in a variety of colours. Our fabrics are the perfect choice for any wardrobe, providing superior quality and durability. They are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, making them ideal for everyday wear. Our fabrics are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling your best.



While each piece undergoes individual wash testing, care labels differ depending on the fabric. Please read the specific care instructions on each garment to ensure your Activewear is kept in perfect condition!


While the vibrancy of bright colours will fade over time, to prolong colour intensity we strongly recommend you pre-wash garments separately in cold water with a teaspoon of salt. Do not leave them sitting wet with other garments and line dry in the shade immediately after washing.

G Active Wear care instructions
G Active Wear care instructions

stitching & finishes


At G Active, we're committed to providing you with the best quality products and services.

Our finishes are important to us, because they can make all the difference in how your Activewear looks and feels.

We use several stitching techniques and finishes.

flat lock stitch - overlock stitch - twin needle stitch

piping finish - binding finish


Our machines are industrial strength so they can handle even heavy lifting jobs like hems on heavy fabrics or multiple layers of elastic waistbands on leggings We take the finishes on our garments very seriously.

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