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Who Doesn't Want Better Fitting Active Wear


Are you one of those women who love to wear active wear but just can't find the right fit?

Have you ended up with all this active wear in your wardrobe that you don't wear because its just not comfortable?

Do you struggle with getting the right length tights, or you need your tights slightly wider in the calf but you don't need to go up a size everywhere else? We totally get it !

How good would it be to feel comfortable when working out and not having to worry about pulling up your leggings or adjusting your crop because the band is to tight . At G Active we ourselves have experienced all these problems with active wear and we decided its time to get the right fit .

Active wear can make you want to train harder and better all because of comfort level, as well as the feeling it provides in support, confidence and on how you look.

Being able to customise your active wear is your answer, and at G Active that's exactly what we do.You can choose what waistband you want,we can add or reduce the length of the tights, we have so many options of what we can do to give the best fit for you. We believe once you have got the perfect fit you wont go back to buying off the rack active wear.

We want women to feel confident and empower them to feel their best in what they are wearing. So stop buying active wear that just fits OK , buy active wear that is made for you .

Best fit for you

G xx

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