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What is Customised Active Wear?

Active wear, Gym wear, Sports wear – Anywhere!

At G Active wear we don’t settle for just any fitting sportswear, we understand that active wear should be comfortable and fit perfectly. That's why we use our ready-to-wear patterns to produce custom-made activewear that's tailored perfectly to your body shape.

Our in-house designer along with a range of ready-to-wear patterns allows G-Active Wear to modify our designs to have a longer or shorter leg length, higher waistband, pockets or no pockets, bigger bust or longer straps to create the design that fits your unique body shape perfectly.

G-Active Wear offers range of customisation options, not just the fit! We can tailor our sportswear designs allowing you to express your personal style with a range of colours, fabrics and finishes to choose from.

Women wearing sports wear

How do I get the fit for me?

This is the easy part! You can visit our website and fill in our form or you can contact us direct. If you know what you’re after, we will tweak the pattern closest to what you’re looking for and make those adjustments.

If you aren’t sure that’s fine too! There are many ways to style your sportswear to your shape. You can send us a pic, fill out some details and our inhouse designer will recommend what customisation you will need.

It’s what we do and its what makes us so unique! Just like you!

Where is the sportwear made?

Right here in Aus! In a little piece of paradise called Laurieton, near Port Macquarie NSW.

From the design and manufacturing to production to fulfillment, every step is handled in-house, so you can have peace of mind that you're getting high-quality, Australian-made sportswear.

Does it cost more?

This is the best part; our customisable pieces don’t cost an arm and a leg. You can have your very own one-of-a-kind garment for the same price as a store-bought piece. We don’t compromise on quality or fit, and we make our sportswear in small batches cutting down our overheads and the middleman.

once we have your fit, we can remake your sportswear again and again.

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